Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back to Zero

All 20-something blog posts have been evicted. That would be much better than actually moving to a new blog, which I shouldn't have considered for 2 seconds. But, hey, 20 blog posts? That doesn't count (even though Blogger did count, because how would I have know there were twenty?) And to think the last entry was 6 months ago.

Currently, I'm thinking about what to do with this space. It's just like a big empty room-- with no locks, no paint on the walls, no fixtures nor anything-- that I got myself out of compulsion. And it asks for nothing in return too. It's just here, not obliging me to do anything, and not being obliged to be something.

I'm just putting some finishing touches to make it functional or liveable. Like opening windows to let the wind through, and cleaning up the dust that's gathered after months of neglect.
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